About 4Change Makers
We are dedicated to serving successful and thriving Changemakers to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Based on the quadruple bottom line People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose, we integrate sustainability to drive responsible business growth, uncover hidden opportunities, and build a world-class team around you.

We partner with entrepreneurs from all over the globe who want to make the world a better place.

We believe in a future where business success and social and environmental improvement go hand in hand.

Sina Helmke is a marketing expert, social business coach and changemaker who chose to only serve purpose-driven businesses. She wants to boost their success to fulfill her goal of creating a world where only businesses exist that are a force for good and bring positive change. 

She is experienced in marketing and sales for more than seven years and helped 200+ businesses gaining more market shares, increasing their publicity and creating a strong bond with their target group. 
Sina is born and raised in Germany and currently lives in Hamburg. During her studies and professional career, she gained comprehensive international experience by studying abroad at Universitat de Barcelona. She also worked with several clients around the globe like agriBORA from Kenia or Slow Fashion World from Sweden. 

To serve purpose-driven enterprises the best way possible, Sina is dedicated to improving herself personally and professionally. In 2018 she graduated from ‘The Quantum Leap Program’ of T. Harv Eker and the ‘Autumn School of Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ by Engagement Global. 

Sina co-founded ‘4ChangeMakers’ because she wants to support amazing change-making projects, that can have an impact in today’s world. By doing that, she wants to shape the future of tomorrow and build a legacy for the children of tomorrow and everyone else. For her, social entrepreneurship is about breaking barriers, living honestly, being an inspiration and educating people.  
Fernando Ureta is a Business Strategist, Executive Coach and International speaker dedicated to serving social entrepreneurs to get the results they want and deserve.
Graduated from business school in 2011, Fernando worked for multinational corporations such as General Motors and Arval, accumulating more than 7 million in sales before turning 28 years.
Originally from Chile, he moved to Europe in 2017 to learn directly from world-class leaders about leadership, business strategies, and mindset. The same year he graduated from Business Mastery of Tony Robbins, and 1 year later from the 'Quantum Leap program' of T. Harv Eker.
On this journey, he connected with entrepreneurs from all over the world, getting to know different industries, cultures, and markets that allow him to see businesses in a very unique and special way. On this point, he realized that Social Businesses are the ones who deserve to win.
Fernando believes that any human being has the potential of greatness within itself. He co-founded 4ChangeMakers to live his mission to inspire, educate & empower people to live a life of joy, courage, passion & purpose.